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Prez Putin threatens to hit buildings in center of Kyiv

WorldRussiaPrez Putin threatens to hit buildings in center of Kyiv

The Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, on Friday has shared the video of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. In the video, President Putin could be heard, threatening to hit the buildings in the center of Kyiv.

While sharing the video, Advisor Gerashchenko said that, “War criminal Putin threatens to hit buildings in the center of Kyiv. Then takes a long pause. Then promises to tell the reasons why Russia doesn’t do it later, not publicly. Imagine his future speeches in the Hague.”


In the video, Putin said that, “All this is an attempt to provoke us to respond. Look, if we destroyed five Patriot complexes near Kyiv, what stops us from destroying any building and facility in central Kyiv? There are no such limitations. We don’t do it for a number of reasons. And… there are many of them.”

He further added that, “I will tell you about these considerations later, not publicly. But there is a possibility and everybody understands that. Everyone is just waiting for us to start pushing buttons.”

It is to be noted that, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the video said that, “There is no such need- that’s the first consideration. There is no such need. Because the enemy has no success on the front line. That’s the point.”



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