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Thursday, December 7, 2023

NATO affirms commitment to Ukraine despite shifts in member states’ positions

During a press briefing, Stoltenberg addressed concerns about NATO's stance on aid to Ukraine, stating, "NATO members provide modern missiles, air defence systems, modern battle tanks - these are all examples of significant modern assistance"

Russian forces advance in Marinka, posing autumn offensive threat in Donetsk oblast

Intelligence reports indicate that the invaders currently control most of the city, with only small pockets on the western outskirts remaining under the Ukrainian Armed Forces (VSU) control

White House budget director warns of depleting funds for Ukraine

The allocated $106 billion for Ukraine assistance, requested in October, remains in limbo within the Republican-controlled House of Representatives

Prez Biden declares provision of new $1 billion security assistance package for Ukraine

WorldRussiaPrez Biden declares provision of new $1 billion security assistance package for Ukraine

The President of the United States has made an announcement about the provision of a new $1 billion security assistance package for Ukraine.

The statement has been released by the President of the United States on support for Ukraine and call with President Zelenskyy of Ukraine, the White House informs, “I informed President Zelenskyy that the United States is providing another $1 billion in security assistance for Ukraine, including additional artillery and advanced rocket systems that the Ukrainians need to support their defensive operations in the Donbas.”


While reassuring his commitment toward Ukraine, President Biden stated that the United States will stand by Ukraine as it defends its democracy and support its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of unprovoked Russian aggression. Additionally, the United States also remains committed to support the Ukrainian people whose lives have been ripped apart by this war.

The U.S. President noted that, “Today, I am also announcing an additional $225 million in humanitarian assistance to help people inside Ukraine, including by supplying safe drinking water, critical medical supplies and health care, food, shelter, and cash for families to purchase essential items.”

As the U.S. leader underscored, the Ukrainian people’s bravery, resilience, and determination continue to inspire the world.

“The U.S., along with our allies and partners, will not waver in our commitment to the Ukrainian people as they fight for their freedom,” Biden stressed.

On February 24, Russia launched a new phase of the war against Ukraine – a full-scale invasion. Russian invaders shell and bomb Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages, torture and kill civilians.

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