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469 days of Russia-Ukraine war: Russian troops suffered major losses in the war

The war between the neighbouring nations of Russia and Ukraine has taken entry into the 469th day. It is to be noted that the war between the neighbouring nations of Russia and Ukraine have been erupted on the morning of February 24, 2022.

PM Modi to address Joint Meeting of US Congress on June 22

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on Tuesday has extended that he is really honoured on accepting the invitation and looks ahead on addressing the joint meeting of the US Congress on June 22.

Ukrainian Advisor shares a video of Kherson floods

The Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, on Tuesday has shared a video of resident of Tyahynka, Kherson region, who was filming the flood in his village. The video shows how floods have made the lives of people of Kherson upset.

Over 500,000 refugees fled from Ukraine to neighbouring nations amid Russian invasion:UN

WorldEuropeOver 500,000 refugees fled from Ukraine to neighbouring nations amid Russian invasion:UN

The overall number of people fleeing to other nations amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine had spiked to over half a million, and at least 102 civilians have been killed since the Russian military entered into Ukraine, as per the United Nations.

As per the statement released by UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, “More than 500,000 refugees have now fled from Ukraine into several other neighbouring nations.


UN officials in a statement said that over 102 civilians had been killed so far. Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ukraine’sUkraine’s permanent representative to the United Nations, placed the death toll at 352, including 16 children.

Meanwhile, long lines of cars and buses have jammed at the checkpoints of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and non-EU member Moldova as civilians continued to flee the Russian invasion.

According to UNHCR spokeswoman Shabia, “The latest and still growing count of civilians fleeing the conflict had 281,000 people entering Poland, more than 84,500 in Hungary, about 36,400 in Moldova, more than 32,500 in Romania and about 30,000 in Slovakia.”

The others have been scattered in unidentified nations, she added.

Several reports were coming that some African people fleeing Ukraine faced racism and discrimination at the border with Poland from officials on both sides.

At the same time, thousands of young African students have been studying in Ukraine, and the majority of them are from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Ethiopia, Somalia and several other nations, drawn by the high standard of education and low costs.


Some reported being rudely stopped from crossing the border for days despite the cold and their lack of food or other supplies, even as officials let white refugees enter into the nation.

As per the Nigerian foreign minister, Geoffrey Onyeama said, he has received several reports of “Ukrainian border guards hindering the exit of Nigerian citizens”.

At the same time, the foreign minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, said Ukrainian border guards had been instructed to allow all foreigners to leave.

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