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Russia Claims Interception of 87 Ukrainian Drones in Overnight Assault

Governor Vasily Golubev of the Rostov region confirmed the drone attacks and noted that while there were no injuries reported, the attacks did result in power outages in several areas. "Our emergency services are working tirelessly to restore power and ensure the safety of our residents," Golubev stated

G7 Agrees to Use Frozen Russian Assets to Fund $50bn Aid for Ukraine

The Group of Seven (G7) nations have reached a landmark agreement to use frozen Russian assets to raise $50 billion (£39 billion) to support Ukraine's defense against invading Russian forces

Russia Sends U.S. Reporter Gershkovich’s Espionage Case to Trial

On Thursday, Russian prosecutors advanced his case to court, accusing him of spying for the CIA—a charge vehemently denied by both Gershkovich's employer and the U.S. government

New Gaming Monitor Displayed to the World By Samsung

PoliticsNew Gaming Monitor Displayed to the World By Samsung

The gaming monitor market leader Samsung Electronics* today announced the global launch of the new generation of curved gaming monitor Odyssey Neo G9 (model name: G95NA) using Quantum Mini LED technology. Odyssey Neo G9 joins the Odyssey series, taking the game to a new level through Quantum Matrix technology, compatible with Quantum Mini LED display and Quantum HDR 2000, providing an immersive gaming experience.

With the last release of the Odyssey G9 in 2020, Samsung has broken the boundaries of high-end gaming monitors with smooth and bright picture quality. Now, with the industry’s first Quantum Mini curved LED display, which can provide the finest details no matter what game is played, Odyssey Neo G9 is pushing the gaming monitor category forward. Odyssey Neo G9 combines quantum matrix technology with ultra-fast response and refresh rate to provide all gamers with unparalleled dynamic images and excellent performance. Hyesung Ha, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics’ visual display business, said: “Samsung launched an innovative Odyssey gaming monitor product portfolio last year that meets the needs and expectations of even the most demanding gamers. “With Odyssey equipped with Quantum Mini LED displays. With the launch of Neo G9, we are very happy to provide our customers with the most advanced gaming experience and demonstrate our continued leadership in the market. “Odyssey Neo G9 uses the same Mini LED technology as Samsung’s latest Neo QLED product line.


This next-generation display technology is realized by the new light source Quantum Mini LED. Quantum Mini LED is 1/40th of traditional LED height, 1 has an incredible Ultra-thin micro-layer filled with more LEDs. In addition, Quantum Matrix technology uses an improved 12-bit gradient to better control the light source: Quantum Mini LED makes dark areas darker and bright areas brighter, with 2048 dimming zones, To ensure that viewers enjoy the content intended to be viewed. Quantum HDR 2000 provides a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, certified by VDE (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker), and has a static contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

In addition, Samsung’s cutting-edge image quality technology provides perfect black and white levels to achieve unparalleled contrast and original details. Based on the high-performance technology provided by the current Odyssey G9, Odyssey Neo G9 is equipped with a 49-inch ultra-wide display with an aspect ratio of 32:9 and provides double quad HD (DQHD; 5,120 × 1,440 resolution). Fast 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. ** The monitor has a futuristic and immersive 1000R curvature. It has been certified by TÜV Rheinland, a leading international certification organization, and awarded it the Eye Comfort certificate. Odyssey Neo G9 provides adaptive synchronization on DP1.4 and HDMI2.1 VRR (variable refresh rate) through HDMI 2.1, supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, and provides seamless dynamic action scene by scene for innovative games. Perfectly integrated into any environment or game environment, bright white appearance and futuristic post-infinite core lighting system, including 52 colors and five lighting effect options. The monitor also has a CoreSync function, allowing users to customize settings using the multi-color mode to get a sense of immersion that suits everyone.

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