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NATO Allies Firm: No Troops to Ukraine, Despite Russian Rebuke of Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron raised eyebrows Monday when he stated that European heads of state and Western officials who gathered in Paris on Monday discussed the prospect of sending foot soldiers into Ukraine

Saudi Arabia Emerges as Potential Mediator in Ukrainian Crisis as Zelenskyy Seeks Support

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited Saudi Arabia,...

Irving McIntyre welcomes new US ambassador Roger F Nyhus, aims to enhance cooperation

Roseau, Dominica: Dr Irving McIntyre, the Minister for...

Microsoft Gives employees $1,500 pandemic bonus!

NewsMicrosoft Gives employees $1,500 pandemic bonus!

Microsoft is allocating bonus incomes to workers globally as a bonus for putting together through the striving pandemic year.

The $1,500 compensations are implied to comprehend the “unique and struggling fiscal year that Microsoft just finished,” according to an internal message from Microsoft chief people official Kathleen Hogan that was perceived by the forum.


The software behemoth has over 150,000 workers, and employees below the status of the community vice president, are competent for the compensation, The Verge said.

Workers of Microsoft associate LinkedIn, GitHub, and ZeniMax are prohibited.

A Microsoft diplomat verified to Insider in an email that it did send out compensation, but did not verify the number.

“As a reminder of our affection for getting concurrently as One Microsoft during a uniquely difficult year, we are excited to comprehend our workers with a one-time economic bonus,” the agent said.

All said Microsoft is paying out about $200 million to approximately 130,000 workers, according to the Verge conclusions.

That’s a dip in the pail related to Microsoft’s $53 billion earnings in 2020.


Tons of corporations have put up with an analogous strategy to employees during the coronavirus pestilences.

Walmart spent an additional $388 million in compensations in December in the distinction of their “strengthened obligation to consumers during the pandemic.”

Amazon doled out minor compensations to its part-time and full-time frontline employees in numerous cases during the pandemic.

Facebook in March of 2020 said it would send out $1,000 to each of its 45,000 workers. And several technology corporations provided their workers with salaries for home-office appliances.

The gesticulation is a portion of an undertaking by technology firms to keep workers pleased during the pandemic and make certain they stick around while several are however away from headquarters.

Such supervision could enable in reducing the effect from a feared tendency called the Great Resignation as corporations reopen buildings and employees contemplate employment modifications.

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