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‘It’s hard to beat person who never gives up,’ says Minister Ernest Hilaire in quote

World'It's hard to beat person who never gives up,' says Minister Ernest Hilaire in quote

The Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, as well as the Member of Parliament for the Castries South, Ernest Hilaire, on Tuesday, has shared another quote of inspiration. While sharing the quote, Minister Hilaire, added that, “It is hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

It is to be noted that, the Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Dr Ernest Hilaire, has taken it to his official social media handle for sharing the update among the general audience, along with the greetings for the day, sharing the quote from the Bible, adding that, “Philippians 4:13—“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”


Along with the above mentioned message, Dr Hilaire added  in the post, wishing, “Hard work and perseverance is critical to all success! As we start this new week, I just want to wish my constituents of Castries South and by extension, Saint Lucia, a blessed and productive week.”

At the same time, it is to be mentioned that, the Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Dr Hilaire, continues to share similar quotes and messages every day in an attempt to provide a source of motivation and inspiration to the people, for making them to do better in whatever they are doing.

Although, along with these messages, he also continuously shares the posts as well as regular updates on his local visits to the local areas of towns and cities across the island nation, along with the specific details on the ongoing work across different sectors mostly related to the national development.

Moreover, the quote shared by the Deputy PM of Saint Lucia, comes up with a very deep-rooted meaning within itself, as it is just like an encouragement to those, who are continuously engaging into some work. The message shared by Minister Hilaire, clearly signs that a person should be dedicated and devoted towards his goal, as it is hard to beat a dedicated person.

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