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Thursday, February 29, 2024

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I will never abandon my pets to save my life, says Indian doctor stranded in Ukraine

WorldEuropeI will never abandon my pets to save my life, says Indian doctor stranded in Ukraine

A 40-year-old Indian Doctor is stranded in the war-affected nation that has been holed up in a basement with his two pet big cats, including a panther and a leopard.

As per the information provided by the sources, Dr Girikumar Patil is living in a bunker below his apartment in Severodonetsk, in the Donbas region.


On the other hand, the region is controlled by the separatists as well as the situation is rapidly deteriorating. It has been noted that the Doctor is not yet ready to leave the animals all alone behind.

He also mentioned, “I will never abandon my pets to save my life. Of course, my family is urging me to return. My pets are my children. I’ll stay with them and protect them until my last breath.”

In 2007, Dr Girikumar Patil went to Ukraine to study medicine, and later, he shifted to Donbas. He further joined a local government hospital as an orthopaedic, according to the information provided by the reports.

He discovered the jaguar “Orphaned an ill” in a local zoo, and with the officials’ permission, he adopted him. The Doctor has named the animal Yasha.

He brought the black panther to his home two months before and named it Sabrina.

On the other hand, Mr Patil used to come out from the bunker to only buy the food for both the cats and other essentials. The male jaguar is 20 months old as well as the female panther is a six-month-old cub.


Furthermore, the 40-year-old mentioned, “My big cats have been spending nights in the basement with me. There has been a lot of bombing happening around us. The cats are scared. They are eating less. I can’t leave them.”

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