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Hungary announces to provide financial support to employers providing jobs to Ukrainian refugees

WorldEuropeHungary announces to provide financial support to employers providing jobs to Ukrainian refugees

The Foreign Minister of Hungary, Péter Szijjártóhas, has announced that the authorities are going to provide financial support to the employers who are providing jobs to the refugees that are arriving from Ukraine.

The individuals escaping the war-torn nation will be given proper housing and transportation opportunities.


As per the report shared on March 14 by the government of Hungary, if the employees will meet all of the above conditions will receive 60,000 HUF or €160 every month for each individual from Ukraine refugees. In addition, they will get an extra 12,000 HUF or €32 for each of their children.

Minister Szijjártó highlighted, “Work opportunities will be offered to those that plan to stay in Hungary for a lengthy period “because in Hungary we are building a work-based society, which has been a successful undertaking.”

Moreover, he emphasised that nations are prepared and willing to welcome the growing number of refugees while outlining that individuals who are likely to stay for more time have a particular interest in having a job instead of living from benefits.

The data depicts the information that 267,570 refugees have been registered in Hungary from Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.

On March 4, the Prime Minister of Hungary named Viktor Orbán highlighted that the refugees who speak the Hungarian language and have ties would find it easier to discover work and housing.

Along with this, Hungary is also making efforts to provide housing and supplies as well as constantly working on providing jobs and school places for the children escaping the war.


Furthermore, the Prime Minister asserted, “Hungary is also sending “unprecedented amounts of food and fuel” to Transcarpathia, the western Ukrainian region with a sizable ethnic Hungarian population. The UN is projecting some 250,000 refugees to arrive in Hungary before the end of the war.”

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