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Monday, September 25, 2023

Prez Zelenskyy enlist plans, decisions on enhancing defense sector of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Sunday has shared the details about the plans and defense related decisions that Ukrainian government has taken with the help of other nations.

578 days of Russia-Ukraine war: Russia lost over 275,850 troops in battle against Ukraine

The ongoing war between the neighbouring nation of Russia and Ukraine has already crossed the mark of 577 days. The war, which was started on the early morning of February 24, 2022 has entered into 478th day.

Former head of capital branch of ‘Privatbank’ suspected of committing crimes: SBU

The former head of the capital branch of ‘Privatbank’ was suspected of committing crimes. The details about the above mentioned has been shared by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Bureau of Economic Security.

Gazprom to reduce gas deliveries to Europe, says Engie

WorldRussiaGazprom to reduce gas deliveries to Europe, says Engie

Russian gas company Gazprom will further reduce gas deliveries to Europe, with the Russian company mentioning a ‘disagreement between the parties on the application of contracts.’ The following information has been shared by French energy company Engie.

Deliveries of Russian gas to the European continent have already declined significantly since the start of the war in Ukraine, with Russia now exporting just 1.5 terawatt-hours per month, Engie stated in a press release. In July, the share of Russian gas in Engie’s gas portfolio constituted just 4%.


Engie stated that it has already enacted measures to continue supplies to its customers in the event of a complete interruption to Russian gas supplies.

As per information shared by Engie, “It is implementing a series of measures to support its clients and the European Union economy. In France, Engie is providing an average of €100 in energy vouchers to 880,000 customers and has created a €60 million fund for small and medium enterprises.

The company in Belgium states that it “contributes significantly to the tax effort” and has offered to stagger customer payments.

Gazprom has been accused of deliberately frustrating the supply of natural gas in Europe, effectively “weaponizing” energy. Russia has significantly reduced the delivery of gas to Europe through the Nord Stream pipeline, citing technical issues and disputes over contracts.

Europe is trying to wean itself off Russian gas, both in order to liberate itself from Russia’s energy influence and to prevent the sale of gas from funding Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine. Most EU Member States have committed to a 15% reduction in demand for gas.

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