Gas deliveries via the German-Russia gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 have resumed on Thursday morning after ten days of maintenance, as per information.

As per spokesman for Nord Stream AG, “The gas is flowing again, and the gas transported level through Nord Stream 1 has resumed at the pre-maintenance level, around 40 percent of the pipeline’s transport capacity.”


He further mentioned that the registered volumes could also change in the course of a day, and it would take a minimal time before full transport capacity is reached.

Along with this, Klaus Mueller, chief of the federal network agency Bundesnetzagentur, mentioned in the statement on Wednesday evening that 30 percent of the maximum transport capacity was to flow through the pipeline.

Furthermore, the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which went into operation in 2011, transports gas from Vyborg in Russia to lubmin in northeastern Germany. From there, gas is further transported to other European countries such as Belgium, Denmark, France and the Netherlands, according to the operator.

Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission (EC), recently denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s use of gas as a “weapon.”

The European Union is still reliant on imports of Russian gas and energy, and Russia is able to utilise the threat of a total energy shut-off in order to bend EU nations to its will.

Even before the start of the invasion, Russia throttled the supply of natural gas in order to strong-arm the certification of the now abortive Nord Stream 2 pipeline. With the introduction of sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has cut several countries off from supply in protest over their refusal to pay for gas in Russian rubles.