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Fury Confident at the Press Conference about Knocking Wilder Out Again

SportsFury Confident at the Press Conference about Knocking Wilder Out Again

“I look forward to the challenge. I hope it will bring something different from last time; he needs it, let’s face reality,” Fury added. “I know he is facing (new coach) Malik (Scott), a man with a lot of experience in boxing, and he has fought many fights himself. “I hope he can give full play to Deontay Wilder‘s role. “Fury also believes that Wilder did not answer the question. It shows how weak his mind is and how emotionally he was hit in the last battle. His life. I am worried about Deontay Wilder for a long time. “He says. “Obviously, he wears headphones to do his little things. He doesn’t want to answer any questions. It’s up to him, but I’m here to facilitate the fight.”



Tyson Fury had to talk to each other to make the official announcement at today’s press conference. After a brief introduction, Deontay Wilder sat quietly in a chair on the stage, not answering media questions or explaining anything. It’s time to leave this behind and move forward. “There will be bloodshed on July 24th. “I’m not sure if this is rap. In this case, the delivery is a little forced.” This is an undefined purely bakery business. “Honestly, I’ve heard about it,” Fury replied. “He said beheading, blood all this time, and we all know what happened there.”


The two are dedicated to falling asleep for a long time to finish with the press conference, nor brittle, even when Crystina Poncher instructed them to turn and face the cameras instead of one another. At that time, the environments for both fighters joined the stage and security, which had no problems with the fighters, but could have with the hangers, potentially. Instead, the Riff Raff repeated the phrases and the jargon before Wilder eventually left, what the Pals of Fury took as a great victory.


Fury said he would hope that he would expect the same wild; we always see it and predict faster than that. “Deonontay Wilder wet. We all know. I will be one. I will build my weight, I will try to get up to 300 pounds for this fight. I don’t think it invests mentally in this battle physically or emotionally. I thought he would do it for the wrong reason. When people do things that cause errors, they always end. “



Fury and Wilder first fought in December 2018 and ended in a controversial draw. They reunited in February 2020, and Fury won the WBC heavyweight title and The Empty Ring magazine in a 7th round TKO. Wilder initiated a contract renewal clause in March, and the battle was originally scheduled for July 18th. However, Wilder is still recovering from surgery, and the fight has been postponed to October due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to COVID-19 restrictions limiting fan engagement, the date has been pushed back to December.


Because Fury’s team argued that a reinstatement clause was imminent and Wilder’s team objected, the team opened arbitration to resolve the issue, and the judge gave a legally binding result. Meanwhile, Fury is currently chatting with WBA (Super), IBF, and WBO champion Anthony Joshua.

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