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The United States has enormous new plans to remove CO2 from the atmosphere!

Despite delegates’ efforts at this month’s climate summit in Glasgow, the world is on a collision course with potentially catastrophic levels of global warming. Some countries and corporations are now relying on innovative technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere. With the announcement of a new “Carbon Negative Shot” effort, the US Department of Energy […]

Italy to ban cruise ships from Venice

Italy to ban cruise ships from Venice!

Venice is one of the planet’s most prominent tourism goals, captivating a tallied 25 million tourists a year. Several of them come on cruise ships. Italy prohibited big cruise ships from cruising into Venice Tuesday after years of mobilizing shouts from inhabitants, culture bodies and environmentalists. In what he called a “historic” day, Italy’s culture […]

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Accessing health data from the Apple Health app is now much easier for doctors after the iOS 15 update

People with wearable devices and smartphones often show up in doctors’ offices with apps, and these app readings cover everything related to sleep patterns and heart rate.  With the new iOS 15 updates, some iPhone users can directly send data from their health app to their doctor’s electronic medical record system. According to Libo Wang, […]