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EU Commission to recognize academic and professional qualification for people fleeing Russian war

WorldEuropeEU Commission to recognize academic and professional qualification for people fleeing Russian war

The European Commission has recently introduced the recognition of academic as well as professional qualifications for people fleeing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which will provide Member States’ authorities with guidance and practical advice to ensure a quick and fair process.

Over four million people who have escaped the Ukraine war have arrived in the EU, where their immediate needs, such as shelter and healthcare, are accounted for. The next step for host countries is to grant refugees access to jobs they are qualified for, which is “necessary for the well-being and integration of refugees,” the Commission said.


Commissioner Thierry Breton, responsible for the Internal Market, mentioned in the statement. “The right to access the labour market is a key aspect of temporary protection. With this recommendation, we are taking a crucial step towards making it more effective.”

Moreover, the actions taken by the Commission to support the Member States in the quick, fair, and flexible recognition of qualifications include the creation of a resource hub on Ukrainian qualifications, the development of a translation tool to facilitate dealing with the language barrier, and the option of reissuing diplomas in a digital format in case documents have been left behind.

The past has proven that refugees often work below their qualification level and are at risk of poor working conditions, in particular women who represent a high proportion of refugees.
Therefore, the EU must provide temporary protection so refugees can work in jobs they are qualified for.

Furthermore, this is especially important in professions such as nursing, general practitioners, teaching and education staff, as there is a greater need for those professions among those fleeing war.

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