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Employers should guarantee jobs of men who volunteer to war in Ukraine, says Putin

WorldRussiaEmployers should guarantee jobs of men who volunteer to war in Ukraine, says Putin
President of Russia, Vladimir Putin on Monday has said that employers should guarantee the jobs of men who volunteer to battle in Ukraine amid a widely reported military shortage in Moscow’s ongoing military invasion of Ukraine.
As per Dmitry As per DmitPeskov, “Putin has promised to order the government to enshrine the provision in law after receiving complaints that some employers had threatened to fire employees for taking extended vacations while battling in Ukraine.”
The promise was made to an Emergency Situations Ministry employee in Far East Russia who was apparently denied the right to return to the work, Peskov added.
While adding that “legislation must be brought in line with the de facto situation”, Peskov said that, “Putin has made a promise to employee to give instructions, to draw the attention of the government to the gap in Russian legislation.”
Russian legislators have earlier raised the job retention issue, detailing cases of dismissals for absenteeism following service in Ukraine on a three-month contract with the Russian Armed Forces.
 Meanwhile, State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein said that, “I consider it right to draft amendments to the Labor Code to protect the right of volunteers.”
Khinshtein made a claim that Russia’s Defence Ministry has backed his proposal and said he will submit legislation guaranteeing volunteers the right to retain their jobs as soon as parliament returns from its summer break.
The Kremlin has been unwilling to declare a wider mobilization despite Russia’s stalled advance in Ukraine and reports of heavy casualties.
Instead, the Kremlin has been seeking to raise more men for the front by recruiting prisoners, reducing training requirements, offering large sign-up bonuses and greenlighting initiatives like regional battalions.

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