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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Minister Konris Maynard expresses vision for sustainable future of St Kitts and Nevis    

The Minister of Energy, Konris Maynard, during the recent energy conference, expressed his vision for the sustainable future of the island nation.

Mariana Budanova, wife of Ukrainian military intelligence chief poisoned in targeted attack

The incident, characterized by the use of heavy metals not commonly found in everyday life or military operations, has sparked concerns of a targeted attempt on her life

PM Terrance Drew launches Kidney Transplant Program  

The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis officially launched the Kidney Transplant Program on Friday, 24th November, 2023. The launch was conducted during a special edition of Health Wise on ZIZ Radio and Television.

Delta variant: Now is ‘probably the most dangerous’ time to avoid vaccination, doctor says!

NewsDelta variant: Now is 'probably the most dangerous' time to avoid vaccination, doctor says!

With additional COVID hotspots springing around the world and the Delta variant as the dominant strain, unvaccinated people in the U.S. may be extra susceptible than at any other degree when jabs were accessible amid the pandemic.

“If you are inoculated, this is possibly the most formidable case in the moment of the pandemic to date,” Dr Sejal Hathi, staff at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said in an announcement. “It’s extremely crucial that you get that vaccine. Otherwise, unfortunately, we’re going to go on to see cases soar and with that, hospitalizations and subsequent demises.”


The 7-day surge of recent cases in the U.S. is 37,673, though this differs largely by province. Commonwealths like Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, and Missouri are discovering some of their elevated figures in recent cases since the pandemic started up. And several of these similar states have below-average vaccination percentages.

And according to the CDC, initial data has reflected that 99.5% of COVID-related casualties over the last six months happened in unvaccinated communities. “We have the magical pellet,” Hathi said. “Vaccines are safe, beneficial, they function. And this pandemic will begin again to rage unabated so long as we don’t pay for analogous access to that mystic pellet to everyone across the earth. It’s crucial that as sicknesses surge around, including here at homes in the United States, that we do extra to assure that we get shots in arms.”

‘A lot of us are in danger’

Part of the dilemma is that vaccines are not being allocated at a similar rate across the nation. For instance, in the Southeast, most of the vaccination ratios for those who obtained at least one dose are below 50%. However, in the Northeast, that figure is at 60% or higher.

With the sweep of the Delta variant and with universities back in term this Autumn, the issue is what the recommendation will be considering wearing masks and social distancing, particularly since those below the age of 12 cannot get any inoculation yet.

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