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COVID-19 outbreak: Russia records 21,155 new cases

COVIDCOVID-19 outbreak: Russia records 21,155 new cases

On Thursday, January 13, 2022, A federal response centre has reported that a total of 21,155 individuals have been infected with the deadly Covid-19 virus over the past twenty four hours in Russia.

With the emergence of the new cases, the number of confirmed cases due to the viral infection rose to 10,723,305.


Further, the rate of infection due to the Covid-19 pandemic of Russia is 17.8 percent.

As per the status of Omicron, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova informed that the country has so far recorded 698 cases of Omicron.

Moreover, On Monday,  Moscow has recorded 30 per cent coronavirus infection due to the Omicron variant.

Over the past 24 hours, Moscow logged the highest tally of Covid-19 as a total of 5490 people have been infected with the deadly virus. It is followed by St. Petersburg, which has reported 1839 cases of infection.

Further, a total of 740 patients have been lost their lives due to viral infection in the country. With the new deaths, the cumulative death toll of the country now rose to 319172.

As per the status of recoveries, a total of 25984 d have been discharged from the hospital facilities and get recovered from the deadly viral infection over the past 24 hours. Further, the number of recovered patients who have to get discharged from the hospital facility since the pandemic has emerged in the country is 9,784,348.


Further, so far, Russia has delivered fewer than 80 million doses of their Sputnik V vaccine and Sputnik Light vaccine against the Covid-19  viral infection to different countries.

President Putin on Thursday has claimed that the Russian made vaccine named Sputnik V is very efficient against the contagious strain of COVID-19 called Omicron. He also claimed that the vaccine would be effective than every other vaccine present around the world against the deadly viral infection.


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