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Cases of COVID-19 tends to decrease rapidly within EU nations, says ECDC

HealthCases of COVID-19 tends to decrease rapidly within EU nations, says ECDC

The European Center for Disease Prevention & Control – (ECDC) shows that the situation is improving gradually. The cases of the COVID-19 tends to decrease rapidly within the European Union, mainly in some of the nations.

On March 10, Thursday, the latest updated maps were introduced in support of the Council Recommendation, which indicated that five of the EU/Schengen area nations, including Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Malta, had registered few cases of the infection over the previous weeks.


As per the 14th-day notification of the ECDC has been rated to per 100,000 inhabitants weighted by the vaccine uptake, including Spain, Romania, Hungary, and Poland. There have been reported significantly few infection cases compared to the nations that are currently part of the dark red list.

According to the data shared by the World Health Organisation (WHO), depicts the information that Spain has recorded 120,109 of the new cases of the COVID-19 infection in the previous seven cases, which Hungary has followed with 16,797 new infected people as well as Malta with 769 new cases.

Along with this, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has made an announcement that they constantly notice the rise in the cases of the variant of the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the virus no longer causes profound health implications. Various nations, such as those mentioned above, have already relaxed their entry as well as domestic regulation.

After concluding that the COVID-19 regulation no longer has a significant role in preventing the spread of the virus, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia, Hungary has declared that they would relax all of their Coronavirus rules and regulations.

Furthermore, the Icelandic authorities declared at the beginning of the previous month that all travellers, regardless of their recovery or vaccination status, would be able to enter the nation without having to meet any entry rules.


Similarly, the same noted that the nation has also removed all of its domestic COVID-19 rules and regulations.

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