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PM Roosevelt Skerrit to participate in CARICOM and CELAC meeting, focus on enhancing development

Dominica: The Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit...

Russian National Faces Trial for Cyberattack on Local Power Plant Resulting in Blackout

The charges against the hacker include the unlawful exploitation of his "official position" to access computer information stored on vital information infrastructure, indicating a possible insider involvement with the targeted power plant

Russian Authorities Demand Secret Funeral for Navalny, Facing Backlash

According to Navalny's spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, authorities demanded that Navalny's mother agree to a secret funeral for her son within three hours, or else they would proceed to bury him at the prison where he died

Google gets a new rival as Brave Search opens to the public!

techGoogle gets a new rival as Brave Search opens to the public!

Brave, the creator of a successful ad-blocking browser, started on Tuesday a public beta of its privacy-focused search engine, an initial measure in building an output that could fight with business giant Google.

The Brave Search will shift into the default search engine in the Brave browser successfully this year.Unlike other current search engines, which usually repackage effects from Google and Microsoft’s Bing, Brave is creating an autonomous index of the web.


Brave Search will rely on Bing in some sectors, like pictures, where its effects aren’t yet safe-sufficient. And for everyday searches, Brave can connect in Google results for users who allow the feature when proposed.

Originally, Brave Search won’t show advertisements — the foremost approach that Google monetizes its search outcomes. Later, it’ll allow free, ad-supported search and a prepaid benefit with no advertisements.

Catching on Google is an immense enterprise. More than 92% of all searches go through Google, according to analytics firm StatCounter. Bing is a remote second with less than 3%. But a chance may have started as Google comes under escalating stress to preserve customer secrecy and as authorities around the world grade up antitrust investigation.

Public judgment, judicial action, and law could benefit smaller challengers’ take on Big Tech.Getting loads of people using Brave Search is critical to its progress, said Chief Executive Brendan Eich, who started Mozilla and Firefox before co-founding Brave.

“Users are essential to developing our search,” with their combined efforts anonymously directing Brave servers toward the high-quality sites Brave Search should be browsing and including in its effects, he said.

Brave isn’t the only organization striving at Google’s core market. DuckDuckGo, which allows a privacy-focused search engine and mobile browser, said this month that its annual revenue now exceeds $100 million and that it plans to start a desktop browser.


DuckDuckGo, as well as Yahoo, Ecosia, StartPage, Qwant, and other smaller search engines, repackage search results from Microsoft Bing and Google through alliances with the more prominent search companies.

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