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Prez Zelenskyy enlist plans, decisions on enhancing defense sector of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Sunday has shared the details about the plans and defense related decisions that Ukrainian government has taken with the help of other nations.

578 days of Russia-Ukraine war: Russia lost over 275,850 troops in battle against Ukraine

The ongoing war between the neighbouring nation of Russia and Ukraine has already crossed the mark of 577 days. The war, which was started on the early morning of February 24, 2022 has entered into 478th day.

Former head of capital branch of ‘Privatbank’ suspected of committing crimes: SBU

The former head of the capital branch of ‘Privatbank’ was suspected of committing crimes. The details about the above mentioned has been shared by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Bureau of Economic Security.

Belarus deploys more than 50 units of military equipment, says reports

WorldRussiaBelarus deploys more than 50 units of military equipment, says reports
More than fifty(50) units of military equipment were transferred from Grodno to Brest Oblast in Belarus on June 2. As per Ukrainian media reports, the equipment was brought on vehicles marked with red squares, and belonged to the Belarus Armed Forces. It is worth noting that, earlier on May 30, state news agencies have made an announcement that Belarus would undertake military mobilisation drills in the Gomel region in June and July.
Notably, Belarus’ Gomel area borders Ukraine in the south and, in places, the exclusion zone surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear plant catastrophe. It connects a border with Russia to the east. Between June 22 to July 1, planned exercises with army commissariats and armed forces will be held, as per reports quoting the statement of Andrey Krivonosov, military commissar of the Gomel area.
Army training for territorial defence groups will take place from June 28 to July 16, as per Krivonosov. Belarus, a strong Russian ally, made a statement in March that its military forces were not participating in what Moscow refers to as its “special operation” in Ukraine, but it did act as a staging area for Russia to transfer thousands of military men across the border on February 24. On May 26, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, established a new military command for the nation’s southern border with Ukraine.
On May 26, Belarus’ self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko made an announcement about the establishment of a new operational management, the Southern, in the Belarusian armed forces, and indicated a possible war in the nation. On May 27, Lukashenko issued orders to organise a “people’s militia” in the nation.
As per several reports, Belarusian rescuers are also preparing to work in “unique conditions” and will receive firearms in the coming weeks. Furthermore, the government of Russia is using Belarusian territory as a takeoff pad for missile attacks on civilian Ukrainian cities & the deployment of armed soldiers. Belarus, Russia’s closest ally, also provides arms to the nations.

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