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SBU exposes head of Ovrutsk-Korosten diocese of UOC (MP) in Zhytomyr Oblast

The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed the head and secretary of the Ovrutsk-Korosten diocese of the UOC (MP) in the Zhytomyr Oblast.

PM Drew highlights achievements of his achievements during SKNLP Conference

The Prime Minister of the island nation of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew has reaffirmed that the motto of of St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP) “For the good that we can do” must remain forefront of every deliberation as well as each action, in pursuit of “Social justice for all” by all his 9-months old administration of SKNLP.

463 days of Russia-Ukraine war: Ukrainian ministry releases list of losses suffered by Russian army

The war between the neighbouring nations of Russia and Ukraine has taken entry into the 463 day. It is to be noted that the war between the neighbouring nations of Russia and Ukraine have been erupted on the morning of February 24, 2022.

Don’t pay attention to Russian fakes, Now there is massive wave of disinformation: Igor Kyivskyi

WorldRussiaDon't pay attention to Russian fakes, Now there is massive wave of disinformation: Igor Kyivskyi
“Don’t pay attention to Russian fakes. Now there is a massive wave of disinformation”, said by Igor Kyivskyi. Through this, Igor was trying to clarify it from the Ukrainian side to let people get aware that not everything that they read or see is truth.
He provided a comprehensive glimpse about the ongoing situation between the Russia-Ukraine war and the news about it. In a series of tweets, Igor Kyivskyi added that, “Regarding the counteroffensive. Don’t pay attention to Russian fakes. Now there is a massive wave of disinformation. Remember. We care about our people. And we don’t want to harm them by liberating the territory.”
He further added that, “If we acted as Russian occupiers. Destroying all cities like Mariupol, etc. And bombing everything. We would have kicked them out of here a long time ago. But we strike point by point. To minimize harm to civilians. Therefore, liberation is not as fast as everyone would like.”
“Russia has one method. Terror. Missile strikes on peaceful cities to destroy and intimidate civilians. Scorched earth method. Destroy cities. The occupiers don’t care about people. And not only on Ukrainians.But also on their soldiers, using them as cannon fodder,” Igor said.
In a series of tweets, Igor added that, “The liberation of Kherson and other regions will not be the same as it was in the Kharkiv direction. Due to numerous factors. Starting from weather conditions, ending with the number of enemy groups, etc. But it will be in any case, and we will liberate all our territories.”
At the same time, he added that, “During the liberation of the territory, our fighters try not to cause damage to civilian infrastructure, and even more so to the civilian population. Our warriors inflict pinpoint strikes on enemy positions.Russia uses the scorched earth method, sparing neither cities nor people. The Russian occupiers now need at least some victory, against the background of their defeats in recent months. Therefore, in some areas (Bakhmut, etc.), they are trying to create at least some successes for themselves.”
While further elaborating it, Igor said that, “But despite the difficult situation on these sections of the front, our soldiers heroically hold the defence. And in many directions, they continue to advance and liberate territories. Another factor in the successful offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the timely and in the right amount of arms delivery. The more it is delayed, the more difficult it is to liberate territories, and the more Ukraine suffers human losses.”
While concluding his words, Igor said that, “War is also a strategy. Not everything sometimes goes the way we want and at once. Therefore, believe in Ukraine, believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians, and believe in our friends, allies and partners who help us fight against the🇷🇺occupiers. Together we are power, and we will win. And always remember the price of freedom and life. We will free our land from the occupiers. The world must forever defeat tyranny, fascists and aggressors, for the sake of the future of our children. We will win.”

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